Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What do I rely on?

My devotional this morning was on do I have the slightest reliance on anything other that God? Am I sufficiently right with god to expect Him to manifest His wonderful life in me? Do I really let God be to me all that He says He will be? This really got me thinking and a little discouraged to begin with. I started praying and seeking the Lord and He had me read anther devotional I normally keep for later in my day. This one reminded me that God chose me! He adopted me as His very own child. He redeemed me through the blood of His only begotten son so that I became His very own possession. He sealed me with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13-14). So after all that I still got to wondering are there areas in my life that I haven't completely turned over to Him? The answer is yes. And it is in these areas that I am struggling to believe that He will be all that He says He will be or do for me in them. Thank you Lord for showing me these today. I am trusting in You to help me over come them. Your love is so amazing that I can hardly comprehend it. Let the assurance of Your presence and commitment wash over me moment by moment today. That is the closing prayer in my devotional and I want to make it my prayer today too.

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Bill and Christina said...

Thank you for your post I need His assurance to wash over me too. I pray that He will also reveal to me the ares that I have not fully turned over to Him.