Sunday, July 6, 2008

Old Mans Cave

Today my family took a drive after church to old mans cave. We came home, changed clothes, packed a lunch and headed down to old mans cave. It was a little farther than I remembered it, but not too far. When we arrived we found a picnic table and ate our lunch. Our youngest is 16 months and he was loving sitting at the table like a big boy eating his sandwich. It was hard for him to eat because he was trying to smile while kicking his feet. It was so cute. Our oldest is 6 and she didn't like the bugs that were trying to get her while she was eating. Needless to say she ate faster than I think I have ever seen her eat in her life. Our middle child is 4 and he was having the time of his life, playing with the bugs with one hand and eating with the other. It was fun to see the differences in all of our children. When we were done with lunch we hiked down to the water by the caves. The kids loved getting wet. My husband and I realized how out of shape we really were and were tired when we got back to the top. We then headed down the road to the falls. It was even more fun there because the kids could really get in the water and play. They wanted to go under the falls, but we didn't think to take their swimsuits with us. Needless to say they were still soaked from head to toe, at least the oldest two were. The baby still isn't sure about all that water but was much better with it this time than the last time when we were at myrtle beach. It was a fun day and I will cherish it forever. I realized today how fast the time really does go and soon they will be older and not want to come here. My husband and I hope to do more things like this this summer!

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Bill and Christina said...

I am glad that you had a great time! I wish we could do family things on Sundays.