Sunday, August 8, 2010

Prayers please!

I have so many thoughts running through my head right now that I don't even know how to start this. I hate how the enemy can just slip in and take what was a great day and totally change things around. My heart is very heavy tonight and I am fighting fear, but I know that greater is He that is with me than he that is in the world. I had a great day with my family today, which I will share with you in another post. Right now I must confess that as the night came to a close we dropped of a very dear little friend of ours. There was a comment made by someone at their door and I have been having a very hard time dealing with it. I know this is not easy to follow, but for right now I am not able to share all of the details. I guess, right now, I am asking for prayer from you. I need you to step up for me and pray as the Lord leads you for the next 3 days. My husband and I are going to be talking with this family on Wednesday evening and I am just having a very hard time with it. I am battling fear and trying not to let it win, but I must say that I am not doing very good with it. This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I am trying with everything in me to hold onto promises that the Lord gave to me a couple years ago, but I am struggling. I am trying to turn my thoughts and emotions over each and every time they overwhelm me. Please, if you will, pray for me. I would greatly appreciate it, more than you know!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kids :)

We had my nephew and a little girl spend the night last night. So we had 5 kids in our home last night and it was full of excitement! We went on a hike at a park and made some smores there too. We figured we would load them up with load them up with sugar then take a 2 mile hike to burn it off. It worked too! Came home, showered them down, got in their pajamas and watched a movie. They were nice and tired for bed so no rough playing while they were in their rooms. Today has been another adventure! It has been very interesting watching them all play today. We had some inside play time and some outside play time in the pool. My nephew and our little girl friend are both "only" children, so they don't always know how to play with other kids, if that makes sense. The really interesting part is the little girl lives with her "Grandparents" who are 87 & 91. It is fun watching her transform into a little girl. Today they broke out in dance as we finished a movie. Now they are pretending to be zoo animals and are crawling around on the floor making very unusual sounds as they are trying to escape from the zoo. Time with kids seems to go so very fast, so it has been such a precious time watching and enjoying these children play together in my house. I can't wait for the next time!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keep finding more...

Well, this morning I need to vent a little bit. I need to release this frustruation somewhere so today, it is going here. There are times that you get work done on your house and things go so easy that you are thrilled. This is not one of those stories. About 3 or 4 months ago a storm came through here with some heavy hail. We were one of the fortunate ones to have damage to our house, our siding to be more specific. So it begins, we call the insurance company and they come out to estimate the damage and quote us a price. We got more than we thought but not as much as we needed to replace the siding on the entire house. So we hired a contractor to do the work, signed the contract and then waited for it to begin. And we waited, and we waited. Finally, about 3 weeks ago, they came! They brought the siding out to our back yard on a tuesday and we were told that they guys were going to start on the house the very next day. They did too! However, there were only 2 guys working on our house. So, by friday, they had only finished one side of the house and began working on another side, but were not going to be completed by the end of the day. Week 1 done. Monday morning came and they came back, and worked hard every day that week. By friday they were done with 3 sides of the house. Week 2 done. Monday morning came again, and they came to the house to begin working on the back of the house... finally! After they tore all the siding off, they realized that they did not have enough siding to finish the job. They finished what they could and left. Oh, I should say, they did not leave this night until almost 9pm. Tuesday, no workers. Wednesday, no workers. Thursday we were finally told that they had to order more siding and it would be there Friday morning. Oh, after we called the contractor to get on him that it was taking WAY TOO LONG! So, Friday morning came, and workers came and began to finish the back of the house. I would like to tell you that they got it done, but I cannot. Week 3 done. Now, we enter week 4 and monday the come and actually finish the job. Well, the siding that is. The gutters should be here by friday, we were told. Yes, thats right, they still are not done. Now here is the exciting part. We have been keeping the kids inside for this entire time because they are in the back yard and they cannot play because of all of the equipment and nails, which are still there! Also, we have been working on the inside of our house, painting walls, fixing up things, putting in a back splash in the kitchen. Now, we get to go around and fix all the damage that was caused by them banging on our siding so hard that it knocked dry wall nails out of the dry wall. Yes, it is true, I now get to put the nails back into the walls, patch them up and re-paint all of them. Some of the walls will just need touched up because I just painted them. One of the walls was still in good shape from when I painted it a couple years ago so I was not going to paint this wall. The catch is, now that a nail has come through it, I have to fix it and I don't have that same color of paint anymore, so I get to repaint the entire room. Oh, this is my bedroom too, so not looking forward to that at all. I guess it just seems like every time I enter into a room I find more damage that I have to fix from the workers. Lastnight, I went down into my basement to discover a huge leake somewhere. I think it was from the dishwasher, but am wondering if they knocked something loose? All I know is that I am very frustruated with this job and very much ready for them to go away and never see them again. Thanks for listening to my story. I feel better just getting it out there even though there is still much to do in my house!