Saturday, July 19, 2008

Under my feet!

My house has been really crazy, in a good way. We have some extra friends staying with us and it has been lots of fun. The thing is, Satin has been attacking my husband and I. It took me until the middle of the morning to figure it out. Every time my husband and I had a conversation we would end up having some very intense fellowship. Another words, we would say some things to each other that definitely weren't uplifting or encouraging to each other. So I did get up and manage to have some quiet time with the Lord and during my prayer time I prayed for everyone and that there would be peace in this house. Then, satin attacked full force. Well, I was ready and I had him right where I wanted him, under my feet. I don't always remember that the Lord has put us over him and we have that authority to step on his head, so that is what I did. I brought it to my husbands attention and we started praying. God is good! He has taken care of it and my husband and I are doing great again. I know it is a change to have so many people here in our small home, but we love our friends and would do anything for them. We are praying they are having a wonderful time while they are away and we can't wait to talk to them tonight! Thank you Lord, for being there and for reminding me that I have the authority to take what the enemy has stolen from me and I can stomp him out of my life!

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