Friday, July 11, 2008

Blessed beyond words

My best friend talked me into starting this blog and although skeptical I started one. She was right I did become hooked and have posted something everyday since then. Well this morning I was running late and didn't get a chance to check hers out. I have been gone all day and just got back online to check something really quick when I had a note from her asking if I checked my blog. I normally wouldn't have checked it until tomorrow morning, but decided to hop on to check it out. Well, let me just say that I was brought to tears. Having someone post something on this blog other than her was just amazing to me. I can't say thank you enough to the two other people who wrote something. You truly blessed me! As to my best friend, thank you and I love you. I am so thankful that God brought you into my life and I am honestly sitting here typing this while tears are streaming down my checks. You mean so much to me and I know I will never be able to show you. I am so happy that our families can get along, because at this point in my life I think I would be lost with out you. Thank you!

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Bill and Christina said...

Right back at you babe!