Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting things done!

I find that the days I get more accomplished are the days I get up and spend the most time with my Father in Heaven. I had a great quiet time this morning. I have been praying for God to wake me up in the morning so I can spend time with Him before I start my day. He is so faithful because when my alarm clock goes off and I don't get out of bed He sends this bird to peck at my window and that annoys me so I get up. How cool is that. So this morning He showed me a new meaning to one of my favorite verses, Isaiah 40:31. I never saw this verse as having my wings be my duties and tasks that I have everyday. Now that puts a new outlook on my daily duties and tasks. I want to do them now in a different way, knowing that doing them with a happy heart and not complaining while doing them will help me to soar closer to God. That is such a new way at looking at being a stay at home mom. My best friend and I IM daily and encourage each other in our housework, and that helps me stay on task, but I didn't always do my work with a cheerful heart. Now when I do it I will have a new spirit so I can soar with the eagles!

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Bill and Christina said...

Fantastic! Isn't it great when God lifts your burdens and shows you how to carry them!