Monday, July 28, 2008

I want to share some of my devotional with you from this morning. It really blessed me and I hope it blesses you too. I am doing Beth Moore's 90 days with Jesus and today's study was in Luke 7:11-17. Specifically verse 13 says "When the Lord saw her, He had compassion on her and said, "Don't cry". So when you think about compassion, what do you think of? What does it mean to you to have compassion on someone? I guess I have never thought about it before but I definitely have never thought about it like this. Have you ever thought about the "areas of restraint Jesus had as He walked on this pavement"? "For example, imagine the thought this funeral procession must have provoked in the mind of the author of life." Okay, I never thought about that. Something so simple as what He thought or felt about things that He saw just walking down the street. Now think about what He meant when He said "don't cry". I know when I say that I am feeling compassion toward the person and typically crying with them because that is how I am, but there really is nothing I can do for them except love on them and let them know I am here. As Beth puts it "please stop crying. I can't bear to see you in so much pain!" "Christ, on the other hand, is never helpless. When He said, "don't cry" He meant, "Not only do I hurt for you, but I'm going to do something about the cause of your hurt." WOW! He is going to do something about the cause of out hurt. He loves us that much that we don't even have to ask because He hurts when we hurt. That is just amazing to me. He has moved in my life so much this weekend and He took away a pain that I have had for most of my life and didn't realize it. The amazing part is He did this just because He loves me and wanted to take away some of my pain because I was seeking Him and wanting to bet closer to Him. God you are so amazing and I am so thankful You love me that much. I wanted to share this with you because it really ministered to me and gave me another way to look at this verse. I hope it gives you another way to look at our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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Bill and Christina said...

Hi am so happy that God is moving in your life and you have had a life changing experience with Him. I hope and pray that ask you seek Him you will be changed even more. More than you could ever imagine that He could. I am happy to be back and I missed you too but it was so worth everything that I sacrificed to go. You know all the details I speak of. I also know that you would not have it any other way and for that I am forever greatful for your friendship. You always seem to understand right where I am at.
Love your friend,