Saturday, July 19, 2008

Praise the Lord!

I just want to say thank you Father for taking care of me. We believe the Lord has put another little girl in our path to adopt and we need a bed for her. She is 6 years old, the same as our daughter, and the only way we can have her spend the night is to set up bunk beds in our girls room. Well, we thought we had a set for free, twice, but they both fell through. Our time is running out and we really need to get a bed for her. Today my husband went out to Kmart to get bunk beds, but he felt they weren't what we were looking for so he didn't buy them. About 1 hour after he came back home our phone rang and it was one of the families that had some beds to give us and they still wanted to give them to us. We picked them up today! Praise God, we now have bunk beds to put up this week in our daughters room so we can have this little girl over and hopefully adopt her later this year. We are so excited to see the Lord moving in this. I know everything is in His timing, but I guess I didn't wait very well. Thank you Father for bringing this extra blessing to me!


Katy said...

May you be blessed by this little one, and I will pray everything works out for her arrival and for her to have you as her forever family.

Tammie said...

Thank you Katy.