Friday, October 24, 2008

Not done yet!

Well believe it or not I have a hard time coming up with something to write on here. I love to journal but that is between me and the Lord so nobody else reads it. Not that many people read this either, but it is out there for anyone to read. So, last night I was braiding my daughters hair and we were watching Hermie by Max Lucado. It was cute and has a great message for anyone with young children. Anyway, it ministered to me and to my son who had a bunch of questions as we watched the movie. This one was about a worm who wasn't satisfied with who he is and wants to be something else because he thinks they are more special than him. Every day he talks to God and asks why God doesn't change him and every day God says that He isn't done with him yet. Not to go into the entire video, but it was a blessing because the questions that it brought up with our kids were so good and thought provoking that it made me begin to realize that sometimes I too get into that thinking of am I special or why did You make me like this. But no more. I know that God has made me special and I didn't need this video to tell me that. I know that I am a daughter of the Most High King and that I am made in His image, but it was a good gentle reminder that He is not done with me yet and that I need to hang in there because He wants to continue to mold me after His heart so that I may emulate the life of Jesus Christ while I am here. So, what a blessing this kids video was last night and what a good reminder for me as an adult to stop and just listen to what the Lord is whispering into my ears. Thank You Father for this reminder and I praise You for creating me in Your image!


Bill and Christina said...

Great post! and I read and even if your words only touch one person it is worth it all.

Katy said...

My little nephew got this movie for his baptism and we haven't watched it yet...I'll have to check it out..Thanks!