Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cool breeze

This morning about 4am a cool breeze started blowing through our windows. It was so peaceful and smelled so good. I don't know about anyone else, but I love the smell right before a rain comes especially in the fall. Well, this breeze woke me up and I just laid there enjoying the breeze and talking to the Lord. It was as if every time He spoke the wind would pick up coming through my window. So, in my very imaginative mind, I was seeing the Lord standing outside of my house speaking to me and it was his cool calming breath that was passing through the window. I just stayed there for an hour before I got up to start my day. What a neat way to wake up, in the presence of the Lord, with His breath flowing all through my room. Thank You Lord for that extra time I had to spend with You this morning. I have been praying for Your presence to in-fill me everyday and I see this as one way You showed me that You are here, even in the little things!

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Bill and Christina said...

I am so happy to see God moving in you. That is so cool the picture that you painted. To interact with Him in such a wonderful and awesome way. I too love the smell before the rain. The beauty that comes after the rain when everything is washed clean. It is the same when it rains in our lives. Beauty arises from it. God is so good and I desire more of Him too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with Him this morning.