Friday, October 3, 2008

Luke 23:55-56

I have been reading in Luke for a while now and I am just amazed at what new things I read everyday. This morning I was the women who went to tend to Jesus after He died in a different light. They are not unlike us women today. Okay, I know that sounds funny because we are all women, but sometimes I forget they had feelings and thoughts just like I do today. So here were some women who stood there on Friday and watched Jesus being crucified. They were there the entire time weeping, how exhausted they must have been. Then they watched Him taken off the cross and followed Him to see where they were going to bury Him. I can't even imagine how they were feeling at this point, but they weren't done yet. Now they observed the tomb and know how His body is laid they return home to prepare spices and fragrant oils. This is the part that I don't think I ever realized before. They had to wait to go back to Jesus. It was the sabbath and they were not permitted to leave. How about that. Then when it wasn't sabbath anymore it was dark and they still had to wait until Sunday. I don't think I have ever really thought about that. When they finally did get to go see Jesus, the stone was rolled away and He was gone! Now, two men were standing there and said to the women, "remember what He spoke to you..." How about that. Those angels wanted the women to remember what Jesus had said to them earlier but they are in shock if you will because Jesus isn't there. I think this is so cool because this is just what He has been trying to tell me this week. Not only is it in His timing, meaning I can't go do something just because I want to or I think I need it right now so I have to go get it, I have to wait upon the Lord. Take my sabbath at His feet and wait on Him for the time to go. Then when it is time for me to move I need to remember His words to me of comfort and His promises that He has given to me. I am so thankful that God is God and I am not. Thank You Lord for Your promises and for being patient with me when I am not patient in waiting for Your timing. Help me Lord to sit at Your feet and wait upon You!

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Bill and Christina said...

A prayer for me as well. To just sit and wait at His feet waiting for Him to beakon me some place else. It is so sweet to sit at His feet and sometimes I too go before He leads.