Tuesday, August 26, 2008

God is so good!

My son has suffered with asthma and allergies since he was born, 4 years ago. We have it under control now, but I want more for him. This past April when we went in for his check-up I talked to the Doctor about taking him off the medicine since he has been symptom free for almost a year. So, we gradually took him off the medicine but the heat picked up and we had to put him back on his medicine because his asthma started to flare up. So, the summer went on and he was on and off his medicine. Well last week he had 7 nose bleeds in 24 hours so we went to the Doctor to see if there was something more going on, but they found nothing. Well, God is good because the next Sunday our church had a healing and prophesy service and so I took my son to get healed. He was a little nervous and scared at first but then he saw the father of one his friends and that put him at ease. Now it was our turn so we went forward and two people prayed for him. I believe that he was healed. I don't know why the Lord waited to heal him at this very moment except that now he is old enough and understands that the Lord has healed him. So we have not taken any medicine for 2 days and he is doing great. He has had a couple nose bleeds, but we are claiming scripture over him and even he is rebuking them now. It is so neat to see God use a 4 year old to rebuke the enemy and claim His promise over his life. God, You are so amazing and I praise You for healing my son! Continue to work in his life and make Yourself real to him.


Bill and Christina said...

Your post brought tears. It is cool how God all our lives teaches and longs to draw us closer to Him. It is a huge blessing to bear witness to it in someones life.

A Momma in Waiting... said...

Believing with you that the Lord does what He says He will do! Terry

Katy said...

Wonderful news-our God is an amazing healer.