Friday, September 5, 2008

Back on Track!

I'm back! I have started school and things have been a little crazy adjusting to my new schedule. I am home schooling two of my children and trying to get into a new routine with school and keeping up with my daily house duties. So far things are going great. I am getting up at 4:45am and having a great time with my Lord. Then my daughter is up and ready to go by 6am. We get almost all of her school done before the boys get up and really get things moving in our house. We have breakfast and then finish school. After that we have the rest of the day to do our house duties and play. It is so nice. This frees up my afternoon when we have quiet time to work with my oldest son on his preschool stuff or do anything extra with my daughter. Sometimes I find I am just enjoying my quiet time too because I am still adjusting my body schedule to getting up so early. I am really excited to see the Lord moving in me and my family and can't wait to see how He is going to change us and what He is going to have us do next. I am trying to figure out when to put the computer back into my schedule, but I think I have figured it out. I have missed being on here and am looking forward to catching up on my reading and talking with all of you! I hope you are having a Blessed Day in the Lord!

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Bill and Christina said...

It is about time!!!!!!!!!!!!