Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The precious things they say.

So, my four year old son came to me the other day and said "Mommy, the dirt just jumped onto the floor and I have no idea how it did that." He was very animated too while telling me this. So I asked him where the dirt jumped onto the floor and he told me it was by the front window. Well, my husband recently brought in a plant and put it in our front bay window. My son loves to play in this window and I didn't think anything about it because it has been plant free all summer. Well, after I figured out what Tra was saying I went and looked and yes, the plant was on its side with most of the dirt out of the planter and onto our tan carpet. Well, the bummer of it was that our vacuum cleaner was in the repair shop for maintenance, so I was with out a good sweeper. Anyway, I managed to get it all cleaned up and you can't even tell there was any dirt on the carpet. The great thing about this is for a little boy, he came and told me right away instead of trying to cover it up and hide it. Not that he could hide all that dirt. I was so proud of him for telling me, and I praise God for showing me that instead of becoming really upset, like my flesh wanted to. Anyway, I wrote this down in his journal this morning and decided I wanted to share it with anyone else who reads this because it is just so precious what our children say to us and the grow up so fast. I want to cherish every moment I have with them. Thank You Lord for blessing me with my children and may I never take them for granted.