Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Olympic Champions!

Okay, so like many of us I love watching the Olympics. It is fun to see team USA do great things and of course win the gold metals. But, what has been more fun for me this time is letting my kids stay up and watch some of the Olympics with us. My daughter wants to do gymnastics and she is studying their every move on the television. My son, well he is just interested in sports and so anything he watches he tries to imitate. This past week he has been running, and flipping and landing on our couch on his head like the vaulters do. I know that if we had anything to hang from he would be trying to swing on them too. It is just so encouraging to watch my children learn from the people they are watching on television and the really neat part is they don't care who wins. They just want to be like any of them because to them they are all someone to be like. So, that has taken me to the Lord because I want them to stand out, and I want them to not just want to be like anybody they see. I want them to see Jesus and to follow Him where ever He leads them. I know they are young still, and the Olympics is a fun thing to watch and want to be like, but I just made me more aware of how impressionable they are right now. So, I hope someday I will be in the Olympics stadium watching my kids work for their gold metal. Until then, I am enjoying them play because they are already my champions and gold metal winners.

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Bill and Christina said...

Yes they are and you are a great mom and you will teach them all that they need to know and your prays will cover them where ever they are.