Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Books!

The past two days I have received the bulk of my school curriculum. I am so excited. There is only one part left to come, but I can't wait now to get started schooling my kids. This looked like some fun things when I was reading about them on the computer, but now having them in my hands seems to be even more exciting to me. Even my husband took interest in it and was becoming more excited the more I was talking and getting excited. Wow! I still have much to do to get ready for school to start, but I can't wait now. It makes me want to go out and buy school supplies and stuff just because. I was talking to a friend of my husbands last night on the phone and they have home schooled for many years. She was giving me some pointers and one of them was on the first day of school only do a half load to ease your way into school. The other thing she has started is buying herself a bouquet of flowers and a card. She has all her kids sign the cards and put them on the kitchen table for everyone to enjoy. She said it was hard for her to hear her friends talk about getting together after the kids went to school on the first day so she started treating herself to flowers to brighten her first day of teaching the new school year. So I think this is a tradition I am going to start also. Besides, I love fresh flowers and what a great reason to get some for my kitchen! So, in a couple of weeks my homeschooling adventure will begin, and I can't wait! Thank You Lord for putting this desire on my heart and not letting me turn away from it!


Bill and Christina said...

I am excited to start this school year as well. I think I need to order more books!


Katy said...

Sounds like an adventure!! Good luck on the journey, and may God bless you.