Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am sorry

I am trying to wait on the Lord and only do what He wants me to do. This is hard for me sometimes as there are things I want to do in my flesh. I am learning that I need to keep my mouth shut and really pray about things before I even talk about them to anybody. This is a very new concept for me and I am not doing very good at it. My quiet times have been really tough and I am learning so many great things about my Heavenly Father, and He is teaching me so many things about myself too that it is hard sometimes to even just keep going. I am pressing in and doing what the Lord is leading me to do, but that isn't always the easy thing. I know that I have hurt some people along the way and that really grieves me. I know there is nothing I can do to make things right, so I am trusting the Lord to take care of the mistakes I have made and to help me make things right. I can only hope that the people who I have hurt will one day forgive me and things can be okay again. I am in a place where I feel alone and that is a tough yet rewarding place to be. Father God, please give me the strength to endure what You are taking me through and thank You Lord for my friends that You have given to me. I praise Your name for Your love endures forever!

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Bill and Christina said...

You are not alone even when I can't understand where you are at. I am always here for you even if it is only to sit quietly by your side! Even when you cannot talk about it I know that there is something there that you are going through. I may not always know what to do what not to do to say or what not to say but none the less I am here. A friend is one that no matter what is always there even through the pain and heartache. A friend is one who will tell you the truth in love no matter how hard it may be to say or to hear. I pray that you learn all that God is trying to teach you so you can quickly come out on the the other side of it! I think we have all been there. I know that I have.