Monday, August 18, 2008

What drives you?

I am filling out an application to take a class at our church and one of the questions is what is my passion? I think I know, but it has had me thinking about what it is and what drives me. Is there anything in my life I can just talk about for hours and is there anything in my life that really moves me. Another question is what is my element? This one isn't on my application, but it is one that has had me questioning things lately too. Is my element and my passion the same or are they different? Is my element the same as God's element? I am not asking for answers but these are things that are on my mind and I am searching my heart for what the Lord is trying to teach me through this. I thought they were good questions so I thought I would just put them out there for anyone who happens to read this. What drives you? What is your passion? What is your element? Lord, continue to show me what these are for me and I thank You for the direction You are leading me in.

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Bill and Christina said...

I can't answer that. I need to go to God and find the answers. Good questions. You are making me feel shallow today with your deep thoughts and questions.