Thursday, July 30, 2009

They're back :(

Yesterday morning I discovered small ants around our dog bowl and dog food. This has happened before and is not normally a big deal. We clean everything real good so they loose the scent or trail or what ever ants have and use. Of course we spray before we clean to kill any remaining ants because I don't want them in the house. So, then we discovered them in the dog food, so had to take care of that. Then we discovered them on the counters. Oh, does it end? Well last night my husband and I cleaned the floor, counters, dishes and anything else we could see that the ants were around because there are not normally that many in the house. This morning I got up for my walk after my daughter scared me by just standing there not saying anything, looking at me. Anyway, 3:45 I am wide awake so I get up for my walk early to discover in the kitchen that the ants are back on the counters this morning. Not as many as last night but still, they are back. So, I am not sure if the Lord is trying to tell me something today, but as far as I am concerned I want them out of my house!!!!!