Monday, August 24, 2009


I don't have much to say today except that I am so thankful that Jesus does not leave me the way I am. He loves me so much that He won't let me stay in the same place day after day. On the fourth Sunday of each month our church has a PHD service, which is for anyone wanting a touch from the Lord. We have teams that come and pray for anyone wanting prayer. I guess I should say that PHD stands for Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance. Well, I am on one of the teams, but I must say that I think I am more blessed by praying for people than the people who I pray for. So after last nights service I was pretty tired and headed out the door and was walking with someone on my team and we were talking. I began sharing something I was going through that day and her and another lady began to pray for me. Lets just say that the enemy was not happy because we were kicking his butt! I had been slowly getting rid of some junk in my life and the Lord cleaned out some more last night. Anyway, today I have felt more free than I have felt in a very long time and I am so glad that Jesus didn't want to leave me that way any longer. So today, I am a free woman, and praising my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for having mercy on me, for being my deliverer, my father, my friend, my begining, my end, my ALL! Thank You for loving me and for not ever leaving me!