Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I have been extremely busy these past couple of weeks. I am thankful it is going to slow down this week. I am making it slow down because I can't keep this pace up, and neither can my kids. There is just so much that has happened I am not sure even what to share. I will share this though, today I got my daughter assessed for school. I was a little nervous though because I am getting assessed too since I am her teacher. I knew a little about what was going to happen, but still, until you go through it you are just not sure what it is really like. Well, I found out today that she is doing great and she is gifted in art. I am so excited about the art because she really likes art. I had her in an art class before but the teacher didn't say anything like she was really good or had a gift. This assessor said that she has evaluated many kids and is a teacher herself and normally kids in first grade does not draw in detail like Joyona does. So, thank you Lord for answering my prayer in showing me areas today that she is excelling in! I am really excited about starting our new year on the 31st, and after today, my daughter is excited about starting her new school year too! Thank You Jesus!!!!!

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Bill and Christina said...

I am soo excited tell her that I want one of her master pieces framed and I will hang it on my wall!