Monday, February 16, 2009

My sweet 2 year old!

Well Saturday was a fun day here in my house. Not only was it Valentines day, but it was our youngest sons 2nd birthday. He has changed so much in the past year. He is our most animated child so far. He loves to smile and make you laugh. He also wants to get things his own way and if he doesn't throws a major fit. He loves playing with his brother and sister, and he will take your hand and show you what he is talking about if you don't quite understand him. It is so cute to see him leading his daddy around the house telling him things. At his first birthday he dug right into the cake with his hands and he was a mess. This year he had to eat it with a fork, just like everyone else. He was still messy, but not as much. He loved his cake and was very upset when it was all gone. He definitely brings joy into my day. I love his little smile, and how he will not stop yelling mama until I respond to him. In fact, his tone changes and gets this funny pitch in it the longer he goes. We will be adopting him soon and then I will put a picture of him on here for you all to see my sweet little Elijah. Until then, you will just have to imagine how cute he is.


Bill and Christina said...

Happy Birthday! and yes he is a cutie!


Kathy said...

Happy birthday little E. Can't wait for pictures.

Katy said...

Happy Birthday!! Love that first pick for a boy.