Thursday, October 28, 2010


For many years now I have struggled with my weight. It started when I began infertility treatments and has been a never ending battle since then. It is not something I am proud of, nor something I want to pass onto my children. More and more the Lord is showing me that the kids are eating what I am eating, and that is not good. I do not want them to be overweight or learn bad habits from me. So, He showed me a bible study that is geared to changing the way I think about food and helping me to focus more on Him. In the past 2 months, I have started over twice because I have just not been focused or really wanted to. Well, it is time for the change to happen. I need to do it because He told me to do it. There is no longer an option. He has given me what I need and now if I don't do it I will be in disobedience. Well, I don't want to be there so tomorrow I am starting over again on day 1. I am going to be dedicated and not beat myself up if I have struggles. I am going to do the best I possibly can and completely rely and turn it all over the Christ, because I can do all things because Christ is my strength. I am sharing this on here because I need to be more transparent and open in my life. I know I am not alone in my struggles with the sin of gluttony. I want my life and testimony to be an encouragement and maybe even a motivation to someone. I will post my journey with on here, the goods, the bads and the uglies. In doing this, as the Lord leads you, I ask that you would pray for me. This is not an easy thing to do, but with His strength, I can do it! Thank You Lord for such great friends to help me through this journey. Thank You Lord for loving me so much that You won't leave me where I am at. I want to be a living testimony to You and I WILL give You ALL the praise and glory!


Bill and Christina said...

You can do it! He gives you everything that you need to accomplish what he has asked of you!

Tammie said...

Thanks Christina!

blessedbygod said...

Tammie I know it's hard, but we were never promised it would be easy. The hardest things in our life is what will be our greatest victories. I am finding that out. So keep on believing and keep on trusting. You can do it. The Lord promises that "You can do all things through HIM!"
Love you my sweet friend