Saturday, October 30, 2010


As a kid I participated in several different competitions between band and 4-H. Each one was different depending on if it was individual, as a team, or on a horse. I am sure I was nervous, but honestly that is not what I remember now as an adult. I remember being confident in what I was doing and doing the best I could do. I remember my parents were always there cheering me on, and supporting me whether I did good or not so good. They are great memories. Now, I am a Mom and it is completely different being the one in the stands watching my child competing in something. I am learning things about myself that I did not realize. Just one more area for the Lord to teach me about and show me how to handle my thoughts, words and actions.

Okay, now for the reason this all has come up. Saturday was my daughters first trampoline and tumbling competition. She did great! She was so nervous, but went out there and did her best. Honestly, I think her performance was the best I have seen her do so far! First she did the rod floor. This is where she does two passes, a front roll pass and a back roll pass. Out of 9 girls, she got 3rd place!

Second she did the double mini. This is a small trampoline where she runs up to it and jumps on it 3 times before she lands on the floor. She has two passes where she does tucks on one pass and straddles on the other one. Out of 10 girls, she got 2nd place!

The last event was on the trampoline, where she has a routine that she performs. It is hard to explain, but out of 9 girls, she got 3rd place! I am just so proud of her. She looked so cute in her outfit, and just lit up when she got her trophy. Her next competition is in December and I can't wait for it! Watching her compete and do such a great job makes it so easier for me to go and work hard selling food at a Blue Jackets game to earn money for her fees. Princess, I love you and keep up the good work!


Bill and Christina said...

That is so awesome! I am so proud of her!

Bill and Christina said...

She looks all professional and stuff!

Tammie said...

Thanks Christina, she does look so cute. This is a borrowed outfit. I can't wait to see her in the new one. Hopefully soon:)

Kendra said...

Good for her! She does look cute in the leo, and it looks like she's having a blast!