Saturday, February 6, 2010

Faith Like Potatoes

It is a movie my husband and I watched last night after the kids went to bed. We have owned it since before Christmas and have never watched it until last night. It is a great movie! I am not going to tell you anything about it, but you should get it and watch it for yourself. It really challenged me and had me question where is my faith? It is in the Lord, but not like I want it to be that is for sure. I want to live my life with such faith that I am shocked if the Lord does not show up and move in mighty ways. I think sometimes the longer I have been a christian the more I forget. It is simple really, just take the time to spend with the Lord everyday, read His word and talk to Him like he is right beside you all the time and then let Him be in control of everything. I want to get back to that "child like faith" where everything is new and exciting and I am learning all the time. Like when my youngest saw the Christmas tree lights turn on, it was new and he was amazed! That is how I want my life to be. Each moment of my day to be fully dedicated to the Lord and watch in amazement as He moves in and through me. I want to have faith like potatoes!

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Bill and Christina said...

I had never heard of it. But will be sure to check it out.