Friday, January 23, 2009

What to say?

I haven't posted for a few days because I can't think of what to say. There are so many things I would like to say, but when I go to put them down they just don't come out right so I end up deleting them and then I post nothing. So today, I was looking back through some of my older posts and I thought I would share what is going on with me at this time. We are in the process of adopting our youngest son. This is such a huge blessing for me and even though I doubted and complained along the way, I know God has us here for such a time as this and I am so excited to see His hand move in my family right now. It is so exciting when we get to look back over the time we have spent pondering and questioning His ways to see how everything came together at the perfect time. I know He has us here at this moment for a reason and I can't wait to see the rest of His plan as it unfolds right before of my eyes. The other thing I have been hit with is since I posted "My house is His house", my house has turned into a disaster zone. I am so ashamed to admit it, but I have completely let things go and let the enemy get a hold of this area of my life. Once I decided I wanted to keep it looking good for God and not myself it is like everything fell apart and chaos ran through my house. Well no more. Today is a new day and even the kids are sensing the change in me and in our home. Last night the Lord woke me up and I had some great time alone with Him and He revealed some things to me. One of them is that I need to stand up in the authority He has given to me through the covenant I have with Him. So that is what I am doing today. With some encouragement this morning from my best friend my ways are changing today and I am so excited. The last three weeks have been a new challenge for me with much needed breakthrough. Someday I will share, but for now I leave you with my life verse Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!"


Bill and Christina said...

Great post! Sometimes it is hard to explain right where we are at. But the important thing is, is that God knows.


Kathy said...

Don't beat yourself up over your house. Really. Remember when Jesus visited Mary and Martha? Martha was worried about the house, the food, etc. Mary just wanted to spend time with Jesus. When Martha started complaining, Jesus told her that Mary had chosen what was most important, spending time with him. I think you can compare that to your family. Sure, you want the house tidy but perhaps nurturing your children is more important.

My kids each have a job to do every day--bathroom, vacuum, trash. And a supper job--wash, dry, put away left over, wipe counters, microwave and stove, sweep and mop floor. They are suppose to walk through the house each morning from laundry room to their room picking up stuff on the way. Dusting and cleaning the fridge are paid jobs. If those things get done, I just let the rest go and enjoy these years that are truly speeding by.

Try saying, "Well play ______ just as soon as _________ is picked up/cleaned up."

You are doing! And if you don't know what to post, just post pictures. We all love pictures.

Terry said...

I've been finding it terribly hard to find time with HIm lately. I have tons of time, but not quality time. Where there is no distractions. And the Lord reminded me of a part of the day that my flesh is not so willing to part with. My sleeping flesh that is. Early morning, before everyone gets up. Before the dog gets up! Yes, I was convicted that I allowed my sleep to come before Him. And I get plenty of sleep so it's not like I'm sleep deprived. Oh Lord help me!

During the winter, my house gets messy because we spend more time indoors...don't worry too much. But if you're like me, I begin to feel the mess that surrounds me so I do understand.

I don't think my kitchen floor has been mopped since before thanksgiving....shameful.

Love the new look, by the way...