Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My house is His house

I have a devotional I keep by my bed I try to read through before I go to sleep so the word of God is the last think I am thinking about other than talking to Him before I actually fall asleep. The devotional is The Joy of my Heart by Anne Graham Lotz. Well yesterdays message was really neat, something I have not thought about before. She was talking about how she was cleaning her house so when her father came over it would look nice, but how she should keep it looking nice because her heavenly Father lives there and she should want to keep it up for Him. Well, this really got my attention. I am not good at keeping my house clean but it is something I am trying to do. With this thought in mind I want to keep my house kept up because I want the presence of my heavenly Father to be so welcomed that anyone who enters sees He is there and is welcomed by His spirit, not mine. If He lives in me then He lives in my house. This has really changed the way I have been feeling the past couple of days about starting back into my routine of house cleaning. Don't get me wrong, I have been ready to get back into a routine, but not exactly excited about doing the housework again. Well, today, I am cleaning with a new found attitude. I want my heavenly Father to be welcomed all of the time and to feel comfortable here in my earthly house.


Bill and Christina said...

Great post! I have never thought of it that way before. What a motivation. Thank you for posting.

Kathy said...

Our home is far from perfect. Plenty of clutter. But one thing we do is "walk through." That means everyone starts in the utility hall with checking for their own clean clothes and then walks through the house picking up anything out of place on the way. It helps. But usually they take it all to their rooms and drop the stuff on the floor right inside the door!!

Tammie said...

Thats a great idea Kathy, then I am not the one always telling everyone else to pick up their stuff.