Thursday, December 9, 2010

Super Hero Powers

My 3 year old is priceless. Lately we have been watching Curious George in my bed before we start they day. This morning he says to me "Mom, I am thirsty". I say "can you wait a few minutes until the show is over?" He says, "no Mom, I need water so I can have more super hero powers and it can't wait!" I must say that all of this conversation happened over a commercial, and right when I was getting up to get him some water, because he has to have his super hero powers, Curious George came back on and he no longer needed his water. What a blessing he is! I never thought of water giving us super hero powers, but I have a friend who has been encouraging me to drink more water. All I can say is that if I would have known that I would have special powers from drinking water, I would have been drinking more of it! It also got me thinking about the Living Water that we need. I am thankful that I have that to drink and to quench my thirst, because I do not know how I would survive with out my Jesus!

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Kathy C. said...

I guess The Water really does give us super powers!