Monday, December 6, 2010

First times...

It is easy to forget what it was like when really started to understand what Christmas was exactly. When your parents would bring out the tree and start to decorate it, how exciting that was just because you knew that it something exciting was going to come. Then, when it was all done, we would turn the lights off and just look at our masterpiece twinkling and sparkling, and giggle with excitement. As the days went on and the end of the month would get closer, I would begin to get even more excited, just wondering what exactly I would be getting under the tree on Christmas morning. Finally, it was Christmas eve! We would get through the day, then go to church, and then it really hit..... Santa was coming!!!!! Christmas eve night always seemed like such a long night to me. The excitement and anticipation would be more than I could handle sometimes. I am sure over the next month I will share more stories with you, but tonight it is all about my kids. Mostly about my youngest, little E. He is 3 and he is so excited about Christmas he is about to bust. Today after church we were walking through Walmart and "Santa" was walking down the isle. Little E just got so excited that he ran up to him and gave him a big hug. This is huge for him because he does not just go up to anyone, but for some reason, this year, he is really into Santa. Later we saw him in the back of the store and he sat on his lap and just smiled. It was precious! All little E wants for Christmas is a new choo choo (he is very into Thomas the train) and that is all he is talking about too. Little E keeps adding to his story about what is going to happen during this Christmas season, and I am loving his story each and every time too. He gets so excited ever time we talk about it, or watch a movie about it. He is starting to get that he will get presents on Christmas morning and I think I am more excited to see his face than anything. He was telling me today that he is not really going to go to sleep, but fake it so he can get up right away and get his presents. I don't know how this year is going to play out completely yet, but I do know this much, it has been such a blessing to watch him discover this holiday. It has also been neat to listen to my older two explain what is going to happen, and tell him that Jesus is really the reason for Christmas and how all of it makes Christmas special!

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