Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A new adventure!

Yesterday I took my daughter to her trampoline and tumbling class and about 15 minutes into the class my darling husband called me. He informed me that Tra, our oldest son, cut himself with a pair of scissors on his knee and is not sure if it needs stitches. So, he had our neighbor look at it and she thought we should take him to the emergency room. So, Tim packed up our boys and headed over to the gym where I met them and took Tra to the emergency room. We checked in at 7pm and finally got to a room to be worked on at 9pm. Lets just say that Tra was great in the beginning. First a nurse walks in with a bag of goodies to help "entertain" him. Then in walks in the tech who is going to performing the cleaning and stitches, if he needs them. Well, they soon found out that he is pretty strong so they stopped and got reinforcements. We had to change rooms so that there could be people all around the table to help keep him secured. So, we entered our new room, and got Tra settled down, again. Then in walks one more nurse and the tech, with the plate of equipment needed to clean his wound and then stitch it up. Well, Tra was good until he saw the needle and he was so strong and fast that he pulled out the top of the needle where the medicine goes and the liquid went all over him, me and the table. Out went the tech and the extra nurse, so now it was just me, Tra and the entertainment nurse. We got him calmed down again and we got him to lay down and relax for a minute. Next, the door opened and in walks the tech and two more nurses. Now, we are ready for battle! The entertainment nurse and I were on the upper body and the other two nurses had one leg each. The tech worked fast, I was impressed. Tra, well lets just say that he did not like anyone in that room and was THRILLED when it was over! He did like the stitches when he was able to see them, and was even more excited that he got his first, very own bandage to wrap around the stitches. Because it is on his knee, he is not allowed to really bend his knee and definitely not allowed to do any rough playing or crawling on his knees. Thankfully, this should only last for 2 weeks, but for me it is going to be a long two weeks. Today Tra is doing good, but is in some pain. So, we went to the library and have some movies to watch and some Motrin to take for the pain. I can say that he does not want to play with scissors any more. Oh yeah, I guess I never did say how our trip began. Tra decided that he did not want any of the strings on the hole that was in the knee of his jeans, so he took a pair of scissors and tried to cut the strings off, like a knife. He removed the strings and got a one inch deep cut in his knee! These were child scissors for school, so today, all of the scissors are put up where not one child in my home knows where they are, and that includes the really big child ;). No more trips to the ER this week for me!


Bill and Christina said...

Welcome to the club!

Salzwedel Family said...

I bet you are glad that is over! I hope Tra is doing well.

Kathy C. said...