Wednesday, April 28, 2010


January not only starts the new year, but it also starts the beginning of birthdays for our family. Our daughters birthday is January 27th and she turned 8 this year. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that she is my big girl now and not my little girl anymore. She wants to wear her hair differently and wear more grown up clothes. She really wants to wear a bra, but I am not ready to go there. Next she will be asking me to shave her legs.... anyway, she is growing up so fast on me and she is turning into a beautiful young lady! February brings our next birthday, our youngest son turned 3 on February 14th. He is our valentines baby and boy does he know how to love his mommy! I love the way he says "mommy, love you" sometimes just for no reason. He is growing up really fast and each day it seems like he has new words that he is using that I did not hear the day before. He has definitely lost his "baby" look and is definitely into the toddler look. We get March off, and then comes April. My oldest son turned 6 on April 26th, and boy is he growing up so fast too! He learned to ride a 2 wheeler right before his birthday so we bought him a new bike. Unfortunately he has not been able to try it out because of his stitches, but he looks at it almost every day and can't wait to try it out next week. He is changing so much too as he now has lost all of that "little boy" look and now looks so much older to me. I feel so blessed to be called their mom, and humbled that the Lord would allow me to be their mother! I love you Joyona, Elijah and Tra!


Kathy C. said...

Happy late birthday to both!

Bill and Christina said...

Time passes by so quickly and how we forget to cherish every moment we are given because we tend to focus on all the daily things that we need to get done. It is so hard to find the balance, well at least for me it is. I love your kids and I have watched them grow and you are a wonderful mom!