Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Little Battle Leader!

Today, five weeks ago, we adopted our precious Elijah. We have had him since he was born and is a sibling to our other two children. Even though we have had him from birth and knew he was ours, there is something exciting about making it official through the courts that he is our son. The neat thing is the judge we had for his adoption is the same one we had when we adopted our older two children. He remembered us too! This Sunday in church we are finally able to dedicate him back to the Lord publicly and I am so excited. Our church is big and we have several people form our counties children services that attend there so we have to make sure not to break any of the rules of foster care and "advertisement", but that is okay with us. We don't mind waiting until it is official in the worlds eyes to dedicate him at church. Anyway, I wanted to officially introduce you to my youngest son Elijah Kincaid, our little Battle Leader for God!


Bill and Christina said...

I am proud to have been part of your wonderful day! God is so good!


Oh what a wonderful middle name how ever did you come up with that?

Kathy C. said...

Congratulations! I understand about the dedication thing. Same problem with Jasmine so there we were up front with a line of newborns and us we a preschooler!

Kathy C. said...