Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Best Gift!

I have had a busy sleepless weekend but it has been the best weekend and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Friday night my nephew spent the night and tonight a very special little girl is spending the night. The best part of this is this afternoon they were all in our van and we were headed to my parents to celebrate mothers day. My dad fixed us all dinner and it was great! Steak, baked potato, salad and shrimp. It was the best dinner I have had in a long time, mostly because I didn't have to do anything, but it was really yummy. Anyway, at one point I looked back at all the kids in our maxed out mini-van and they were all playing and having a great time together. This brought a tear to my eye, realizing that the Lord has hand picked each one of my children, and even though I don't know how or when He will reveal all the details of bringing us all together to live in the same home with the same last name we can still be together. Tonight was a great night and I hope every mom has a great day and enjoys their families!

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